How to Plan the Perfect Design for your Fall Garden

1. Find the Right Plants

Deciding what to plant during the fall season is critical when hoping to have a garden in full bloom throughout the fall. Annuals are the perfect thing to plant in your garden to leave lasting color growth all throughout the fall and winter seasons. Flowers such as Violas and other similar plants can handle temperatures as low as 20 degrees. These plants will add bright color and last long throughout fall and winter.  


2. Start Growing your Vegetables

Just because winter is approaching doesn’t mean it is time to stop growing vegetables. There are plenty of vegetables you can start growing in the fall that will be ready to harvest by the time winter approaches. Vegetables such as lettuce and other greens like kale and turnips grow quickly and will be ready to enjoy in the colder months.


3. Start Composting
As the beautiful colors of the autumn leaves come in they will fall as fast as they turn. Raking leaves is important to the maintenance of your garden as leftover piles of leaves can hold things such as plant diseases and pests. Creating a compost from leftover leaves can help prevent damage to your garden and help create even more life come the warmer months. Shred leftover leaves up and add them to a composting bin. As the winter comes regularly, turn your compost to keep the frost from affecting it. It should be ready to use by late spring or early summer.

4. Try Container Gardening
Container gardening is a method of gardening that practices using containers instead of planting directly into the ground. This is a perfect method for the fall as it allows you to have more control of the soil opposed to if it was directly into the ground and you can keep them inside to avoid possibly cold temperatures. Arrangements like hanging flower baskets are the perfect way to celebrate fall!

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Aug 4, 2021, 19:44 PM